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"In a world communicating many messages regarding sexuality, this book is an excellent resource to keep men of God entrenched in the freedom & power of the gospel. It's a great resource for those looking to honor Christ with their lives."

Kirk Cousins
NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback

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“In an age of purity movements on the one hand and sexual indulgence on the other, Noah focuses on the gospel and how it’s essential for understanding our sexual brokenness. This book is brimming with gospel-centered wisdom! Whether you’re single, married, or soon to be married, this book will help you examine the roots of sexual temptation and some very misguided views we have about sex.”

Preston Sprinkle
President of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender and New York Times Best-selling Author

Example Title 1

“To any Christian, married or single, who longs for sexual integrity, this book is a godsend. Noah Filipiak flips the script on contemporary “purity culture,” offering a refreshing and intensely practical gospel-driven way to find serenity in our sexuality. I highly recommend it!”

Nate Larkin
Founder of the Samson Society and author of Samson and the Pirate Monks

“I’ve been through the course twice in the last year, and it has changed my life. The reason why I did it a second time is that I wanted to cement the new patterns and lessons I learned the first time. The second time through was even better and deeper than the first! Praise God for Beyond the Battle!”
“I’m walking in new freedom from sexual sin, increasing daily connection with Jesus, and experiencing more of God’s mercy and presence.”
“Seeing Jesus as my only source of acceptance, approval, affirmation and validation is helping me to reform my identity in him, and free me from the lies of the world and my own lies about who I am and what I am worth.”
“I learned to see my dependence on Jesus more clearly. I started to get more intentionally into the word, pray more, and take the hard steps of finding freedom.”
“Beyond the Battle Groups did not fix me and it won’t fix you. The only thing that will “fix” me or you is fixing our eyes on Jesus and work that He has already done. This is what Beyond the Battle does. It helps us to see Jesus as our true and ultimate need. Not sex, not porn, not a relationship, but Jesus.”
“Noah does a really good job of identifying how God transforms us through the truth and beauty of the Gospel of Christ, and he also helped us to see the lies of that Christians so often believe and even promote.”
“I am really thrilled with my experience in this group. God used this mightily in my life!”
“The book Beyond the Battle is an amazing book. To go into all the ways it has helped me would take forever.” 
“This group renewed my hope, revealed truth, and built Christ focused community.”
“This group renewed my hope in overcoming sexual sin.” 
“Meeting random people online to talk about my sins was a little unnerving. Once the group started it was a breath of fresh air…This was a great experience with a great group of guys.”
“With a better understanding of what lusting, etc. does to belittle women in general and how our spouses specifically are devastated, the revulsion steers us in a far better direction: towards the love of Jesus for us and for us in Him.”
“The biggest breakthrough I had, was realizing with the Lord’s help that I don’t need a woman in my life to meet my needs and make me ok! I put that idol to death and it made room for a lot of freedom and healing to pour into me from the Lord, which is still happening. Praise God!”
“I would highly recommend this group to any man struggling with lust (no matter how severe). It is truly a discussion of what’s “beyond the battle”, allowing men to look past the symptoms of lust and talk about heart issues. I didn’t know my group members until day 1, and there was no awkwardness. I highly recommend this group! What are you waiting for?! Dive in!” 
“To discover that I was not the only one to struggle is this area of life was a blessing. To find a group of strangers coming together to share in a common struggle and to pray for each other is a very big deal. Shame was never found in the group I was in. Jesus was there every time. Noah having walked the walk himself knows how to relate.”
“The evidence of a changed heart has brought about a massive shift in focus between my wife and I. It is a shift that has opened the door to deeper friendship, increased intimacy, and the affection from her that I have always craved. The change has much to do with my priorities and the fact that I was idolizing both myself and my wife.” 
“This group brought me greater peace in being single.”
“As a young adult in a world full of sex and sexuality, it’s a struggle to stay pure in a God-honoring way. It’s too easy to look at a woman’s body or to look at porn on our phones and computers. I’ve struggled with this for years and tried to overcome my addictions by my own efforts, but would find myself falling back into looking at porn (and looking at darker and deeper porn with each failure I might add). Finding this group and going through the book Beyond the Battle has been amazing and has helped me stop the addictive patterns and has given me the tools to overcome my addiction.”
“Participating in this group will be something I will never forget…I am more than satisfied with the outcome and the change that the experience has made in me…I hope and pray that the participants of Noah’s future groups, as well as the groups I will lead, will feel the same.”
“Noah has written the book deliberately demonstrating that simply ‘avoiding’ women or ‘bouncing your eyes’ is not the answer to a man’s habitual lusting.”
“It was incredible. Many Christian studies on sexual purity, marriage, relationships, pornography, or identity all come at you with a lot of “fluff”, as though hearing the truth would be “too much” for Christian men to digest. That’s the type of passivity that has helped to create an epidemic of identity crisis within the church and its men in the first place! This group follows the lead of the Beyond the Battle book and addresses such issues (and many others) head-on, highlighting the disastrous nature of the problem – the reasons why we stuff in a drawer, hide it from others, and pretend like it doesn’t exist in our lives – but also points time and time again to the Bible as the ultimate source of truth and God’s reality. Reality is the only thing that can save men from the allure of fantasy that the enemy traps so many Christian men (and women) in, and reality includes infinite mercy from an infinite God who has infinite love for infinitely helpless sinners (you, me, and everyone we know), and bestows upon an identity that is both counter-cultural and implacable within the currents of societies selfish, convenient messages of sex and relationship.”
“I am really thrilled with my experience in this group. God used this mightily in my life! I am a single man in my late 30s. As a former pornography addict, I have still struggled horribly with mental lust and addictive fantasizing, and have been crying out to Jesus for a deeper level of freedom and transformation, because He wants me to see women as He does and be one whom He can use to set people free from sexual exploitation, addiction and having their lives consumed by meaningless sex. My generation has passed down to today’s kids a culture that teaches them that sex is love, that looking “hot” is all that matters, and that people are objects to be consumed in order to get a temporary “high” feeling. These are lies that destroy lives! It’s not ok! Yet I haven’t been able to get my mind to stop thinking according to objectification and consumption. For that I need Jesus to do a work inside me that I cannot do for myself. I signed up for this online small group hoping it would help. I am so glad I did. Through the reading, devotionals, group meetings, emails with Noah, and the prayers that were prayed for me, Jesus helped me get unstuck from some false beliefs that were keeping me trapped. When I realized that I don’t need a woman to give me comfort and peace and make me ok, because Jesus can (and wants to) give me those things a million times better than any created being ever could, I experienced a freedom and peace like I’ve never known before. Life is so much better when I look to the Creator rather than fellow creatures! He really does have the love that my broken soul needs. The devotionals (mapped out in the book) seemed to be the heart of the experience. Getting before the Lord and asking Him to speak and reveal what I need to know and see. He showed me how He’s been slowing me down, taking the time to be with me, just because He loves me. He truly cares about me, not just about what I do! This stirred up such a hunger to spend more time with Him. There is NO love like His love, and it’s the love I was made for! No wonder nothing else satisfies. And He doesn’t love me according to what I deserve. He died to set me free from what I deserve so I could live in His mercy forever! He is the supreme, holy, glorious, universe-ruling God, and He chose to be merciful to me, forgive me, make me one of His sons and love me as much as He loves Jesus! Wow! Man, if everybody personally knew that kind of love, this would be a different world! Noah Filipiak has a God-given passion to help people get free from addictive, toxic thinking and know the joy of being richly, deeply connected to Jesus, knowing His love in personal, daily experience. I felt Noah’s investment of time and care into my freedom and growth, and it means a lot to me.”