October 2023 Beyond the Battle Alumni Retreat
October 2023 Beyond the Battle Alumni Retreat

Beyond Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit and all gifts are tax deductible.


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Beyond Ministries

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2146 Division Ave S

Grand Rapids, MI 49507


In Spring 2023, I realized I had too much on my plate. I was pastoring Mosaic Church full-time, the multi-ethnic church I planted in urban Grand Rapids, MI. I was directing new Beyond the Battle 7-week groups and shepherding our growing BtB alumni community. This included weekly Zoom meetings, pastoral care and counseling, and retreats. I was also directing New Humanity, a multi-ethnic church planting network with a focus on urban community development. Oh and I wanted time to do my podcast and writing!


There’s no plate in the world big enough to hold all of those things, do them well, and maintain sanity. I took a sabbatical from my podcast and entered a season of discernment with my mentors and counselors. The Beyond Ministries 501c3 is one of the primary actions items that came out of that season of discernment. I am raising financial support here to supplement my income so I can go half-time at Mosaic. This will:


      • Allow me to invest significant time in leading and shepherding men who are recovering from pornography use and other habitual sexual sins.

      • Allow me to continue writing books. I am currently working on a teen edition of Beyond the Battle, as well as a science fiction novel meant to help readers consider the validity of God and rethink the priorities of our culture.

      • Allow me to blog again.

      • Allow me to continue my podcast.

      • Allow Mosaic Church to hire 1-2 pastoral residents, creating space for us to discern the right fits for a future co-pastor model where a team of us share the senior pastor role.

      • Allow me to lead New Humanity, catalyzing the creation of new multi-ethnic churches doing urban community development.

    If you have been impacted by any of the above ministries and/or want to see them flourish, please consider a recurring gift today.


    Thank you!


    -Noah Filipiak