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From Beyond the Battle readers:

“In a world communicating many messages regarding sexuality, this book is an excellent resource to keep men of God entrenched in the freedom & power of the gospel. It’s a great resource for those looking to honor Christ with their lives.”

Kirk Cousins

NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback

“In an age of purity movements on the one hand and sexual indulgence on the other, Noah focuses on the gospel and how it’s essential for understanding our sexual brokenness. This book is brimming with gospel-centered wisdom! Whether you’re single, married, or soon to be married, this book will help you examine the roots of sexual temptation and some very misguided views we have about sex.”

Preston Sprinkle

President of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender and New York Times Best-selling Author

“To any Christian, married or single, who longs for sexual integrity, this book is a godsend. Noah Filipiak flips the script on contemporary “purity culture,” offering a refreshing and intensely practical gospel-driven way to find serenity in our sexuality. I highly recommend it!”

Nate Larkin

Founder of the Samson Society and author of Samson and the Pirate Monks


Testimonials from Beyond the Battle group alumni

“This group renewed my hope, revealed truth, and built Christ focused community.”

“I am really thrilled with my experience in this group. God used this mightily in my life!” “This group renewed my hope in overcoming sexual sin.” “Meeting random people online to talk about my sins was a little unnerving. Once the group started it was a breath of fresh air…This was a great experience with a great group of guys.” “Participating in this group will be something I will never forget…I am more than satisfied with the outcome and the change that the experience has made in me…I hope and pray that the participants of Noah’s future groups, as well as the groups I will lead, will feel the same.” Read more testimonials here

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