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100% of men surveyed report that this group helped them grow closer to Jesus. This is because we focus on tapping into the cure, not on behavior modification.


100% of men surveyed report that this group helped them find greater freedom from lust, pornography, and fantasy. This is what happens when a man finds what he thought these things could give him!


100% of married guys reported that this group strengthened their married life.


100% of single guys reported that this group strengthened their life of singleness.


From Beyond the Battle readers:

“In a very real sense, your life, your relationships, your existence as a man in this oversexualized culture, your maneuvering through this vast universe, may depend on your understanding of the truths in this book.”

Ron DeHaas

Founder, CEO, & President of Covenant Eyes

“Beyond the Battle is one of the absolute best books I have read on these issues of marriage, porn, godly manhood. And trust me when I tell you I have read pretty much them all. It is just that good and needed.”

Chris Higgins

Pastor, First Church of Christ, Owosso, MI

“Noah is transparent about his own battles with lust, pornography, and depression in a way that most men can understand. But he doesn’t leave us to wallow in our sin and struggles but uses Scripture and experience to show us God’s way out of our mess. This book could not be more timely, and could not be more useful in becoming a victorious man of God.”

Dr. Mike Wittmer

Professor of Systematic & Historical Theology, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary


Testimonials from Beyond the Battle group alumni

“This group renewed my hope, revealed truth, and built Christ focused community.”

“I am really thrilled with my experience in this group. God used this mightily in my life!” “This group renewed my hope in overcoming sexual sin.” “Meeting random people online to talk about my sins was a little unnerving. Once the group started it was a breath of fresh air…This was a great experience with a great group of guys.” “Participating in this group will be something I will never forget…I am more than satisfied with the outcome and the change that the experience has made in me…I hope and pray that the participants of Noah’s future groups, as well as the groups I will lead, will feel the same.” Read more testimonials here

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