Helping men find their identity in Christ in an oversexualized world.

Why donate to Beyond Ministries?

Noah is planting and pastoring a new inner city, multi-ethnic church plant in Grand Rapids, MI. He is intentionally taking a part-time salary with the church because it is hard for inner city churches to support a full-time pastor’s salary and it’s very important to Noah to also be able to hire a multi-ethnic staff with church funds. Your donation to Beyond Ministries (Noah’s speaking, writing, and online groups ministry) not only helps more men find freedom from sexual sin, it also provides for Noah’s full-time career salary so he can support himself and his family, and it frees up Noah’s church to be more effective in their mission. Beyond Ministries is not supplemental income or a side gig, but is baked into Noah’s longterm calling as a pastor, author, and leader.

Noah is planting with the Evangelical Covenant denomination. Stay tuned for church name, website, and public launch date!

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