Helping men find their identity in Christ in an oversexualized world.

Noah joins our groups for weeks 1 & 7, with groups led by an experienced team leader:

Noah Filipiak

I’ve been married since 2004 and have 3 beautiful daughters. I’ve been a pastor since 2005, planting Crossroads Church in Lansing, MI where I pastored for 13 years. I’m now on the pastor team at Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. I’m the author of Beyond the Battle: A man’s guide to his identity in Christ in an oversexualized world (Zondervan) and a grad of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. I enjoy running, writing, and playing board games. The nerdier the game the better! I’m also a die-hard Cincinnati Reds fan, even though they are typically terrible. I love seeing men experience freedom from sexual sin and finding what they’ve always been looking for in the love they have in Jesus. I blog at and host The Flip Side Podcast.


Lewis Hayden

I married my wife in 2001. We have 2 daughters that are grown and have kids of their own now.

I’m interested in Beyond the Battle and helping other men with today’s oversexualized world because of how this has affected me personally.

My walk has been the definition of how Satan can step in and mess things up. Beyond the Battle helped me to see things in a different way. The community from the Beyond the Battle groups is amazing as well. Like-minded men seeking answers and direction in a safe group.

I like to run, golf, and fly RC helicopters.

I live in Zeeland, MI.

My faith walk started in high school, but never truly developed until I was in my 30’s. Getting connected in the church I attended allowed my relationship with God to quickly grow. Eventually leading me to pursue what it looks like to work in ministry.

My wife and I attend Engedi Church in Holland, MI. We volunteer on the Tech team. We also attended Engedi’s first year of Leadership School. A school meant to help develop knowledge and skill as a leader and access wisdom and power as a follower of Jesus. This was a huge step in my life.

I have taken the Beyond the Battle online group twice with Noah and have also lead a group in my home.

Ashley Hook

I am married to a loving, gracious wife of 19 years and we have 2 kids – 8 and 11 years old.

I have a heart for men who deal with the struggle of sexual brokenness, whether it be lust, pornography, or infidelity.

I enjoy running, cycling, and being outside with my family.

I’ve been saved for many years but the shame I’ve lived with for decades has made that salvation feel shaky at times.  Christ has revealed himself tangibly to me as I have dealt with some of the consequences of my unwise choices.

I am a member of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN.

I listened to an interview that a recovering couple did with Noah.  I was immediately intrigued by his stance on lust, abstinence, and the purity movement.   I joined one of Noah’s online groups. Not only did I enjoy meeting men from across the world, but I also enjoyed experiencing a new perspective on how to view women and how to relate to my wife.

Helping Noah facilitate an online group will serve two purposes for me.  It will allow me to invest into other men who struggle with unwanted sexual behaviors and it will also assist me in my own recovery.  Community is key!

Rick Rodriguez

I’ve been married since 1994 and we have three grown children. I became a believer in my senior year of high school. I attended Emmaus Bible College in the 80’s and have been a preschool teacher for 30 years….Yep, preschool! I have been on my recovery journey since January 2020. I was part of a Seven Pillars group through Pure Desire Ministries and have found there are some keys to walking in sobriety and growing in my faith. God’s work has been miraculous. God is using people and resources like Beyond the Battle to transform me to the man I was made to be. I was introduced to Beyond the Battle and Noah through a podcast. The book blew my mind as it explained a lot of the issues that had sabotaged my thoughts and family life. My greatest desire is to help other men choose a life walk that is honoring to the Lord and saves them from the despair of sexual bondage. I am a traveler on this road and hope to steer men to the transforming power of Jesus.



Q: Who leads the group and how much access to Noah do I get?

A: Each group is led by a trained and experienced Beyond the Battle leader.  Noah will join your group in-person for your first and last session.  The first is to help you be comfortable in your group and the last is to help with any unanswered questions or concerns you have after completing the material.  Noah will be walking with your group leader throughout each week.  Your group leader will receive your Accountability Cards and Noah will be there to help him reply to anything you’re going through, as needed.